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24 November 2015


[29 January 2015]


[28 January 2015]


[06 January 2015]

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[09 December 2014]

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[28 May 2014]

NFCorp_chairman_sues_Nurul_Izzah_and_Saifuddin_-_General_-_New_Straits_Times Izzah,_Saifuddin_in_trouble_over_NFCorp_remarks_Astro_Awani

[30 September 2013]


Malay Mail – ‘Shahrizat not part of NFCorp and NFC’

[4 September 2013]

NFCorp Sinar Harian

Sinar Harian – “Giliran saya pula bercakap”

[1 May 2012]

Sinar Harian – “NFCorp lapor Bank Negara”
– “Pengerusi NFCorp lapor BNM”
NST – “NFCorp calls for probe”
Malay Mail - “NFCorp cites Rafizi and bank”
China Press - “Mohd Salleh reporting to BNM”

[30 April 2012]

FMT News – “NFCorp meets BNM over Rafizi”
The Star – “NFC chief meets central bank officials” – “NFC : We are only targeting Rafizi, not whistleblower”

[27 April 2012]

The Star - “NFCorp chief lodges report against PKR’s Rafizi over banking leaks”

[10 February 2012]

Malay Mail – “Public funds not used, says NFCorp”
Nanyang Siang Pau – “No ban on RM250m loan fund for investment”
NST – “Loan has to be repaid”
Sinar Harian – “NFCorp ada hak”
Sinchew Daily – “NFC wisely uses fund to invest in property”
The Sun – “NFCorp explains involvement in property sector”
Utusan – “Dana NFCorp adalah pinjaman, bukan percuma”

[27 January 2012]

Kwang Wah Yit Poh – “NFC appreciates clarification from National Audit Dept”
Sinchew Jit Poh – “NFC thanks clarification from Ambrin”
The Star – “A-G’s statement has vindicated us, says NForp”
Utusan – “Penjelasan Ambrin kikis syak wasangka masyarakat, NGO sambut baik”

[26 January 2012]

Berita Harian – “Tuduhan NFC gagal urus kewangan berniat jahat”
Borneo Post (Kota Kinabalu) – “A-G clarifies ‘irregularities’ not used in NFC report”
Borneo Post (Kuching) – “Auditor-general clarifies report National Feedlot Centre”
Harian Ekspress (Kota Kinabalu) – “NFC : Ketua Audit Negara perjelas laporan”
Harian Metro – “Kami tak sebut kucar-kacir”
Kosmo – “Tiada peneyelewengan dalam laporan audit PFN – Ketua Audit Negara”
Kwong Wah Yit Poh – “Never describe NFC in mess before”
Malaysian Reserve – “A-G clarifies report on National Feedlot Centre”
New Sabah Time (Kota Kinabalu) – “Auditor-general clarifies report NFC”
Sinar Harian – “Ketua Audit Negara beri penjelasan”
The Edge – “A-G clarifies report on NFC”
The Sun – “NFCorp welcomes govt-ordered audit”
The Star – “A-G didn’t say corporation was in a mess, syas NFC”
Utusan – “NFC: Penjelasan Ambrin”

[18 January 2012]

Nanyang Siang Pau – “NFC denies get loan fund before contract signed”
The Sun – “NFCorp: Loan received only after agreement was signed”
The Star – “NFCorp clarifies RM250m loan”

[16 January 2012]

Berita Harian -”Pusat Fidlot Nasional terus beroperasi”
China Press – “Still operating as usual”
Nanyang Siang Pau (Northern) – “Still operating as usual”
Nanyang Siang Pau – “NFC headquarter close on weekend as usual”
Oriental Daily – “NFC to operate as normal”
See Hua Daily News – “Operation of NFC remain unchanged”
Sinchew Daily (Northern) – “Operation of NFC go on as usual”
The Edge Financial Daily – “Business as usual at NFC after assets frozen”
The Star – “Business as usual for NFC despite assets being frozen”